NBA sneakerhead PJ Tucker lists his top 5 basketball shoes

Suns forward PJ Tucker is a known sneakerhead in the NBA, owning more than 2,200 pairs.

He likes wearing Air Jordan retros and other crazy shoes in official NBA games. In an interview with The Crossover, Tucker shared one of his memorable sneaker moments was when he rocked a pair of the Yeezy Red Octobers.

“No one thought I would do it after I told them. I’ve actually worn every single pair of Yeezy’s in a game. Some people—which I don’t understand—kind of get mad like I’m disrespecting shoes,” he explained.

“I’m like, ‘They are sneakers, they are meant to be worn, meant to be played in’. And I hate when people use them as trophies. They are sneakers. It’s one of my pet peeves. I got pairs if I don’t want to wear, I will get a couple pairs of them. Shoes are meant to be worn for me, and that’s a part of the culture as well.”

Asked to rank his 5 best shoes of all-time, Tucker said he loves playing in these:

  • Huarache 2k4
  • Kobe 4
  • Kobe 6
  • KD7
  • Air Jordan 5

Photo from LosSuns/Twitter

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