This collaboration between Proppy and Nipa Brew is hard to resist

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What happens when Proppy and Nipa Brew come together?

You get an awesome deal.

In celebration of International Beer Day, Proppy collaborated with local craft brewery Nipa Brew to create a special IPA blend and a pair of beer-designed socks.

The Proppy x Nipa Brew Set also comes with 2 limited edition designs that borrow design elements from the Nipa Brew logo. A hexagon design in a super wearable navy shade that is minimalist and recommended for the office and formal occasions; and a printed sock with inter-spaced tropical palm trees from the Nipa Brew logo, a beer bottle, and a beer mug. The color is inspired by Nipa Brew’s best-selling Tropic Haze beer and has a more casual vibe.

Aside from the two socks, the set also includes three bottles of craft beer — Proppy India Pale Ale (special brew), Tropic Haze Wheat Ale and Sun Stoked Blonde Ale.

The limited Proppy x Nipa Brew pack costs P799, which you can order on the websites of Proppy and Nipa Brew.

Craft beer and socks, what’s not to love right?






Photos from Proppy and Nipa Brew’s official websites

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