NBA seeding games: TV schedule in the Philippines

The NBA made a return on Philippine free TV thanks to Cignal’s 3-year deal with the league.

Here’s the schedule of the NBA seeding games on free TV (channels TV5 and One Sports) for the week of August 10 to 16:


  • August 10 (Monday): Clippers vs. Nets at 9 a.m.

The games are also shown on NBA TV Philippines, Cignal’s 24/7 NBA channel (ch. 96 for SD, ch 262 for HD).

Here’s the schedule for NBA TV Philippines:


  • 12:30 am – Wizards vs. Thunder
  • 5 am – Magic vs. Celtics
  • 9 am – Clippers vs. Nets


  • 2:30 am – Thunder vs. Suns
  • 8 am – Pacers vs. Heat
  • 11:30 am – Lakers vs. Nuggets (same day telecast)


  • 1 am – Nets vs. Magic
  • 5 am – Blazers vs. Mavericks
  • 9am – Bucks vs. Wizards


  • 9am – Nuggets vs. Clippers

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