Perlas Spikers, Eastern Communications team up for Beach Volleyball Republic

The Beach Volleyball Republic tournament is kicking off once more after 2 years of hiatus due to the pandemic. Fearless players are coming together to bring a sense of normality to viewers through volleyball. In that same spirit, collaborating for the first time are the Perlas Spikers and Eastern Communications, joining together to become the Eastern Communications Perlas Spikers.

Embodying Eastern Communications’ strong and fearless persona, Perlas Spikers, is one of the distinguished women’s volleyball teams in the Philippines and will be partaking in the BVR Tournament. They are resilient players who successfully became part of the 2021 Premier Volleyball League Open Conference that occurred last July at Laoag, Ilocos Norte.

The team fronted by Jules Samonte and Michelle Morente, while being supported by the rest of the team led by Head Coach Reynaldo Diaz, Jr., the Eastern Communications Perlas Spikers is set to play in the upcoming games in October in the hopes of qualifying for the Philippine National Volleyball Federation Beach Volleyball National Champions in December 2021.

“Perlas Spikers is thrilled to represent Eastern Communications. We found resonance in being groups that focus on and support grassroot locations while showcasing the greatness of the many wonderful places in the Philippines,” Charo Soriano, Managing Director of the Perlas Spikers shared.

“We are delighted to welcome these outstanding, talented young women to the Ka-Eastern family,” said Jed Estanislao, Eastern Communications Marketing Division Head. “The Perlas Spikers is truly a local sports icon who inspires fans to strive and gives everyone hope that there are better times coming.”

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